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SAKSHAM (DEVELOPING CAPABILITY)- Faculty/Staff Welfare & Holistic Development

SIES as a Trust has always shown an attitude of compassion and trust towards all its employees. Following the ideology of the parent body, SIESCOMS gives a lot of thrust on holistic development and welfare of its teaching and non-teaching staff.


The main goal of Saksham is to ensure that the workplace is enjoyable and safe for everyone. This includes following axioms:

The Context:

Faculty and staff are the most important pillars of an educational institution. The context behind the practice is to improve student and institute performance by building capability of the employees, faculty & staff.

The Practice:

In the above context, there is an effort for all round development and need based programs for the staff and faculty in the college.

Physical Wellbeing:

There is a work-life balance which the staff can maintain due to proper allocation of task to them. The institute has adequate staff and faculty so that there is no unnecessary pressure of work.Free vaccination camp for all employee’s during Pandemic was organized. All employees are covered under the group Mediclaim policy.

Mental Wellbeing

Intellectual Growth through Yoga and meditation, workshops on happiness and mental health, Training sessions for faculty& staff development, book Exhibitions for faculty by the library.

Social Wellbeing:

SIESCOMS has always believed and practiced the social cohesion of its employees. Some of the activities in this regard includeAnnual Day. Staff sports day, Experiential Learning, Birthday celebration and Festival celebrations

Emotional Wellbeing:

The central staff training department of SIES (now known as SIES School of Learning and Leadership Development) regularly organizes workshops for the same.

Spiritual Wellbeing:

The institute has a famous and large temple complex on campus. It is also a place of tourist attraction in Navi Mumbai. Apart from this, there is a Ved Pathshala& Senior Home. All these add to the spiritual ambience of the institute.

Financial wellbeing

There is a continuous effort by the institute’s training department to hold sessions for creating awareness on different aspects of Financial Security for both teaching and nonteaching staff.

Evidence of Success:

  • Attrition in the institute (both for teaching as well as non-teaching) is low. We have many faculty who have been working for more than 10 years.
  • Student feedback on faculty has always given positive signals.

Problems Encountered & Resources Required:

  • There are heterogenous groups like teaching / non-teaching, male / female, junior / senior faculty, young / mid-age, several income groups, cultural & regional diversity, and different value systems.
  • The faculty schedule is tight which leaves little room for extension activities.
  • The number of activities and development programs is limited due to budget constraint.

The institute always tries to foster an ambience of wellbeing among its teaching as well as non-teaching staff. This is with the firm conviction that they are the most important stakeholders driving the institute and their wellbeing must be taken care of. This is, therefore, paying rich dividends.

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