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The Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Management Studies is affiliated to the University of Mumbai. The program is conducted under the directions of the University and is divided into 6 distinct streams of research in the areas of Marketing, Finance, Operations, System, General Management & HR.

SIESCOMS believes that classroom and experiential learning, unless put to test in the real world, is meaningless; it therefore draws upon its excellent ties with the industry to go beyond the University stipulations and offers a holistic research experience to the student.

The program emphasizes a multidisciplinary approach to finding solutions to research problems, drawing upon advanced concepts and methods from business management. Required foundation courses are taught in theory, methods, and research design.

Ph.D. students work closely with faculty in our research-led culture which emphasizes rigor, creativity, and innovation.

Our Ph.D. in Management Studies course outline comprises a shorter taught component followed by a longer research phase. The programme will allow you to expand and extend your knowledge of research methods whilst undertaking your own research and developing a set of transferable professional skills. Ph.D. coursework is carefully designed to support students as publishing scholars as early as possible in their doctoral studies. Coursework is conducted in English, and candidates are expected to actively participate in teaching or research, publication, and conference activities. Customized research seminars in the candidate’s area of concentration help to familiarize and develop critical understanding in both classical and cutting-edge concepts, theories, models, and methods of analysis. After completing a set of core courses and a variety of tailor-made seminars, PhD candidates undertake individual, original research on a dissertation topic that will contribute to the advancement of the chosen area of specialization.

Ph.D. students at SIESCOMS enjoy an academic culture of collaboration and research excellence. Ph.D. students study in small classes and establish close working relationships with faculty. If you are a strong candidate with an appetite for academic excellence, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about the SIESCOMS Ph.D. program.

PO 1: Equip research scholars with excellent research competency to carry out quality research in the area of business studies and to contribute meaningful knowledge creation in the field of Management.

PO 2: Able to identify and formulate potential research problems as well as the approaches for addressing them.

PO 3: Ability to understand, analyze and communicate global, economic, legal, and ethical aspects in research.

PO 4: Ability to engage in continuous knowledge assimilation through multiple academic, industry, and societal platforms to uncover newer factions of knowledge application in existing/new domains and for higher personal intellectual growth.

PO 5: Foster high ethical standards in teaching, research, consultancy and related administrative responsibilities.

The mission is to develop outstanding scholars in the fields of management studies with the ability to investigate and develop solutions to issues and problems in their chosen areas of specialization, their communities, their state, the nation, and the world.

  • To ensure that students possess the required academic foundations necessary to pursue doctoral in management studies.
  • To develop academic scholars who will use their knowledge and skills to investigate issues and problems facing their communities and to develop appropriate solutions to those problems.
  • To demonstrate an understanding and concern for the high ethical standards in research
  • Produce original research of quality appropriate for publication in scholarly journals.
  • To prepare thought leaders, both for the academic and corporate world.
  • To prepare students for careers in university teaching and research in a business school.
  • Expert faculty supervisors
  • Extensive coursework
  • State of the art research lab and software
  • Reach library resources
  • In-depth experiential learning with high corporate interaction in terms of teaching
  • Opportunity to do inter-disciplinary research. , 022 61083429 / 022 61083454

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