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"In a gentle way, you can shake the world Mahatma Gandhi.
It is very important that at this stage of the development of our nation, these words of the Mahatma be our guiding principle in all our endeavours to shake the world. SIESCOMS, a part of the SIES run institutions, has for the last many years been trying to inculcate the spirit of change in the students, keeping in mind the mission of the institute to impart holistic education in order to create globally responsible citizens.

CSR Initiatives @ SIESCOMS

SIES trust has since 1932 been a great proponent of social values and moral beliefs. It is part of this culture that SIES College of Management Studies tries to uphold and impart through its various activities related to the social sensitisation of the students in its care.

A step towards creating socially responsible citizen.

CSR Conferences And Publications

With a view to creating a greater awareness among the student body, SIESCOMS has been organising Conferences and Seminars on Corporate Social Responsibility. Faculty, Corporate, Students and members of the NGOs participate in these leading to a mutual understanding of issues and enrichment of thoughts. The conference proceedings are published and circulated to all stakeholders.

NGO Internships

SIESCOMS has since the year 2008, been sending the management students for a one week NGO internship program with a view to giving them hands-on exposure and experience which is essential in order to develop social sensitivity and responsiveness among students. This endeavour has two-pronged objective: a. Providing the students with a practical exposure as to how an NGO operates at ground level, and b. Helping the students in sharpening their skills to apply managerial principles, theories and paradigms in a social sector. This exposure also helps the management students to become sensitive to social / economic concerns and helps them to become socially responsible managers even when they work with profit organizations. Some of the NGOs that were involved in this internship program in recent times include names like Mimaansa, Alert India, P.A.W.S., Umang Foundation, Enviro-vigil, Swami Bramhanand School for special children, etc. These NGOs are all working for various social causes which include adult education, training dyslexic kids, rehabilitation of Cancer and AIDS patients, re-treating bio-medical waste, teaching mentally challenged kids, rehabilitation of stray animals, etc. The students work closely with these organizations and the work done by the students are highly appreciated by many of the NGOs. This exercise has been a very successful endeavour.

Sahyog Activities

Under the aegis of Sahyog, the management students undertake a number of activities designed to help the less privileged members of society while sensitizing the students to social issues. Over the last five years (2012-2017), the students have been involved in the following activities

Joy of Giving Week

Students are involved in collecting clothes and other utilities for the needy. The effort helps in underlining message of caring and sharing for those who are the less privileged.

Awareness Activities

A number of awareness activities have been organised by the students to raise awareness regarding strokes, organ donation, blood donation, Diabetes, Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) and Hepatitis C Virus (HCV).

Environmental Awareness

SIESCOMS students are environmentally aware and have undertaken Tree Plantation Drives, Clean-Up Awareness Drives, World Environment Day Celebrations (5th June 2014) and World Earth Day Celebrations (22nd April ). The students along with NGOs have been involved in Post Immersion Beach Clean-Up awareness drives during Ganesh festival.

Senior Citizens and Youth

Every year the students have been holding a meet with the Senior Citizens Forum of Navi Mumbai with a lot of mutual give and take between the youth and the Senior Citizens, benefiting both. With a view to inspiring the students, a series of talks have been held on the life and works of great Indian leaders such as Swami Vivekananda among others.

NGO Products Mela

NGOs involved with special needs children and distressed women are invited on campus to engage with the students during the NGO mela. The products made by the people in their care are show cased and sold at this mela thereby generating both awareness and money for the cause.

Independence Day, Republic Day and Flag disposal

The student volunteers of the Sahyog committee along with other students of the institute ensure that the national flag which everyone wears with such pride is collected keeping its dignity intact and is disposed of in accordance with the flag code.

Student Trainers

The SIES Nerul campus houses the Ved Pathsahala where there are a number of students undergoing free training in the Vedas alongside their formal education. Many of these children come from poor families living in the hinterlands. As a consequence they are not well versed in computers and communication skills. In 2017, ten students of SIESCOMS volunteered to train these students in communication skills and computers. The students as trainers got along famously with young school students resulting in a highly successful learning experience. This successful initiative will be continued in the following years.

Village Adoption

With a view to enriching the lives of villagers in at least one village in Maharashtra, SIESCOMS adopted a village called Khairpada, located in Shahpur Taluka in Thane District. The objective was to provide better education, infrastructure and employment opportunities.

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