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Shri. V K Bansal Chairman of the Board and Chairman - Morgan Stanley.
M. V. Ramnarayan Hon. Secretary, SIES & Nominate Member
J. Santhanam Vice- President, SIES & Nominate Member
P. Sethuraman Vice- President, SIES & Nominate Member
Srinath Sridharan President's Nominee & Nominate Member
Ramesh Srinivasan MD & CEO - Kotak Mahindra Capital & Nominate Member.
Shri Arvind Narayanan - Member - SIES & Co-Founder at EnLearning & Nominate Member.
Shri. Bharat Iyer Former MD at JPMorgan India Pvt & Nominate Member
Shri. Rajneesh Jain CFO - Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd. & Nominate Member
Shri N Jambunathan CEO, C-Edge Technology Limited & Nominate Member
Shri. Anil Salvi MD & Group Head - HR at JM Financial & Nominate Member
Smita Affinwala MD - Illuminous Consulting & Nominate Member
Dr Komal Mathur HR Head - India Business, TCS & Nominate Member
Shri. M.C. Govardhana Rangan Editor of Finance & Markets- Economic Times & Nominate Member
Shri. N S Venkatesh CEO - Association of Mutual funds in India & Nominate Member
Shri C R Radhakrishnan Iyer Former CGM - SBI & Nominate Member
Shri N Srinivasan Former CEO & Group President - Bharat Serums & Nominate Member
Dr Sharad Sarin Professor Emeritus of IIM Ahmedabad and XLRI & Nominate Member
Dr Nitin Vazirani Professor & Dean - HR at SIESCOMS & Nominate Member
Dr Sharmila Mohataptra Associate Professor & Dean - GM, SIESCOMS & Nominate Member
Dr Suhas Tambe Director - SIES School of Business Studies & Nominate Member
Dr Bigyan Verma Director - SIESCOMS & Member Secretary
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