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Academic Year Event Date Title Activity Level Program / Specialization Duration Total Participants
2018-2019 27th February 2019 Workshop on Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code ( IBC) for Stressed Asset Resolution
Seminar Local Finance 1 day 12
2018-2019 21st February 2019 Virtualities 2019 ROOPANTARAN
Student Festival National Management and MCA 1 Day 0
2018-2019 14th February 2019 PIXELS 2019
Student Festival National MCA 1 Day 0
2018-2019 12th February 2019 Parivartan-The Marketing Conference

Special Guests:
Dr. Parag Amin, Dr.Rajesh Nair, Dr. Swati , Kulkarni, Prof. Vatsala Bose, Prof Deepa Donde, Dr. Seema Laddha
Conference National Marketing 1 Day 140
2018-2019 12th February 2019 NIRMAAN-The HR Conference

Special Guests:
Dr. Nitin Vazirani, Dr. Nishi Kaul, Dr. Lalitha, Pillai, Dr. Sarita Kumari, Prof. Sarika Singh
Conference National Human Resources 1 Day 70
2018-2019 19th January 2019 Annual Pharma Conference

Special Guests:
Dr. Chitra Ramanan, Dr. Shuchi Midha, Dr. Ranjana Jaiswal, Prof. Jharna Lulla
Conference National PGDM Pharmaceutical Management (PGDM PM) 1 Day 130
2018-2019 12th January 2019 Mudrank-The Finance Conference

Special Guests:
Dr. Madhvi Dhole, Dr. Kaustubh Sontake, Prof Manoj Bagesar, Prof. D. Mallaya
Conference National Finance 1 Day 130
2018-2019 12th January 2019 Operons-The Operations Conference

Special Guests:
Dr. Vilas Choudhary, Dr. Nitin Kubde, Dr. Sandeep Bhanot, Prof Anguja Agarwal
Conference National Operations 1 Day 75
2018-2019 4th January 2019 2nd World Pharma Brand Manager‘s Day

Special Guests:
Dr. Suniel Deshpande
Conference National PGDM Pharmaceutical Management (PGDM PM) 2 Days 100
2018-2019 13th December 2018 La Melange 2018
Alumni Meet National SIESCOMS 1 Day 0
2018-2019 21st July 2018 Session On Yoga By Mr. Michael Raju, Yoga Expert, To Mark The International Yoga Day.

Special Guests:
Mr. Michael Raju
Other Local Post Graduate Diploma In Management (PGDM) 1 Day 116
2017-2018 22nd February 2018 SIESCOMS Finance Research Conference 2018

Special Guests:
Dr. Kaustubh Sontake, Dr. Madhvi Dhole
Conference National Finance 2 Days 89
2017-2018 22nd February 2018 Innovations And Advancements In Information Technology

Special Guests:
Dr. Anup Palsokar, Dr. Neha Chopade
Conference National Masters In Computer Application (MCA) 1 Day 80
2017-2018 12th February 2018 Value Based Care: The Future Of Indian Health Care

Special Guests:
Dr. Shuchi Midha, Dr. Ranjana Jaiswal, Dr. Chitra Ramanan
Conference National Pharma & Bio-Technology Management 2 Days 76
2017-2018 4th January 2018 Renovating Management Theories And Practices

Special Guests:
Dr. Sharmila Mohapatra
Conference National General Management 1 Day 56
2017-2018 14th December 2017 National Research Conference On Social Paradigms

Special Guests:
Dr. Durga Surekha
Conference National General Management 1 Day 67
2017-2018 13th December 2017 Marketing To The Millennial

Special Guests:
Dr. Parag Amin, Dr. Seema Laddha
Conference International Marketing 2 Days 70
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