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Year Name of Faculty Particulars of Program Date
2020-21 Nishi Kaul/Nitin Vazirani/Sharmila Mohapatra Joy of Learning (Interact to Impact) -for Xanadu Real Estate consulting Sep 2021
2020-21 Dr. Sandeep Bhanot/Dr. Swati kulkarni Certification program on researchmethodology, open MDP 27th/28th Feb 2021
2020-21 Dr.Kautubh Sontake World Class case studies in Finance using MS Excel-Open MDP 27th Feb 2021
2020-21 Dr.Kautubh Sontake Financial Modelling-Certificate course 8th to 10th Oct 2020
2019-20 Prof. Malya Sir "Understanding Financial Viability in Capital Budgeting - A different Approach" -for JNPT Port Trust 8th & 9th July 2019
2019-20 Prof. Malya Sir PROGRAMME ON CAPITAL BUDGETING - For BEML 2nd and 5th June, 2019
2019-20 Dr.Suniel Deshpande The 1st CEHC Pharmaceutical Leadership Symposium 2019 -Theme – Anatomy of a great pharma leader-For Managers from Pharma Industry Oct 5th 2019
2018-19 Prof. Malya Sir NMPT training participant list-for New Mangalore Port Trust 20-21 June, 2018
2018-19 Prof. Malya Sir "Financial Viability in Capital Budgeting" - For JNPT Port Trust 23rd and 24th April 2018
2018-19 Dr.Suniel Deshpande Brand Managers Development Program cum Workshop for Managers from Pharma Industry 4th & 5th Jan 2019
2017-18 Dr.Asit Mohapatra "Assessment Center for Leadership Development"-Open Program for HR Professionals 23rd June 2017
2017-18 Mr Nagendra- Consultant "Creating a Cutting-Edge Supply Chain in the Market Place”-Managers from operations & logistics- open program for Managers from operations department 20th July 2017
2016-17 Dr.Suniel Deshpande Learn &Unlearn –How to build great pharma brands- open program for Managers from Pharma Industry 21st and Saturday 22nd October 2016
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